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Asmodeus of Lust sig by Rugterwyper32 Asmodeus of Lust sig :iconrugterwyper32:Rugterwyper32 0 0
For You
I have one thing to say to you
you who have made me feel alive
you who have made my world shine
you know who you are
you are my
Light in the darkness
Order in the chaos
Veracity among the lies
Eternity among the finite
Yearning for the day
One day we are together
Under the same sun and sky
:iconrugterwyper32:Rugterwyper32 0 2
Fujibayashi Kyou Sig by Rugterwyper32 Fujibayashi Kyou Sig :iconrugterwyper32:Rugterwyper32 2 0
Some Thoughts
And so, we move with the burden we carry
Waiting for redemption of mistakes
A sorrowful fate we all have to accept
Shards of time fly by us and we move on
Life, the road we are always walking
We go by once, and it all changes
By the end, turn your back and walk away
Knowing you will never roam the same road again
And in our own ashes we stand by the end
Wondering if it will ever be the same
:iconrugterwyper32:Rugterwyper32 0 1
Driven Into The Night
And so, thrust back into the dark of night
The answer given silently
It brings night to all you don't say
Taking more than what's received
Just to keep losing it all
Drowning in the darkness of silence
So easy to forget oneself
One wrong step and so
Within sorrow one is consumed
Moving deeper into this darkness of night
Always hanging to the hope
That at the end, the light of day will be found
:iconrugterwyper32:Rugterwyper32 1 5
Kuga Natsuki Sig by Rugterwyper32 Kuga Natsuki Sig :iconrugterwyper32:Rugterwyper32 2 4 Tokiha Mai sig by Rugterwyper32 Tokiha Mai sig :iconrugterwyper32:Rugterwyper32 2 1 Yuuki Nao sig by Rugterwyper32 Yuuki Nao sig :iconrugterwyper32:Rugterwyper32 2 4 Hayate Avi by Rugterwyper32 Hayate Avi :iconrugterwyper32:Rugterwyper32 0 1
Esperando… Para volver a vivir
Esperando… Y analizando lo ya hecho
Esperando… Para evitar los mismos errores del pasado
Esperando… Y buscando el camino correcto
Dudando del camino a seguir
Formado por las líneas del tiempo
Un alma que esta a la venta
Cada segundo parece una vida
Si cerrara mis ojos
Si encontrara el camino
Si entendiera la realidad
Si me escuchara a mi mismo
Contando las horas
Buscando en la noche
Desaparece y regresa
Verdad tan anhelada
Podria estar esperando a alguien
Podria estar observándolo
Podria estar en frente de mi
Podria ser lo que en verdad deseo
Una pluma en el alma
Un final sin un inicio
Una oración vacía
Una falla creó al creador
Inocencia que desaparece
Ignorar para evitar
Una parte sigue ideales vacios
Otra quiere ser libre
Buscando el conocimiento
Buscando más allá
Buscando entendimiento
Buscando algo diferente
He visto mis sueños
Pero no los he seguido
El sol comienza a levantarse
Y así v
:iconrugterwyper32:Rugterwyper32 0 6
Not so far away
A feeling that stays inside
Something I do desire
Yet in this cold flame
Like this I'll remain
Unless something
Would get me out
The main obstacle
Remains no matter what
Far beyond existence
Something suddenly hits me
And then's when I notice
You're not so far away
:iconrugterwyper32:Rugterwyper32 0 2
Arriving Somewhere...
Following trails of lies
Facing the pass of time
Falling back to the start
Finding the true way
Still looking everywhere
Searching for a place
Seas of doubt around
Shattering reality
As the gates open
And the way is clear
Arriving somewhere
A place called home
:iconrugterwyper32:Rugterwyper32 0 1
Power, an evil seed
Sometimes -
In the wreckage that we see
We can hear a total stranger
Who is pleading for our aid
Sometimes -
We go against what we believe
We trade in virtue for power
Then we start to go astray
Sometimes -
We feel superior to others
Taking advantage of that power
We bring ruin and decay
The corruption -
Mind pollution -
Seed of evil -
Keeps untouched
All the power -
:iconrugterwyper32:Rugterwyper32 1 2
Dying Justice In A Dying Land
Madness unleashed by silence
We are the ones to blame
Corruption slowly spreading
We have to put it to an end
Break the binding chains of your people
Cut the bandages that keep them blind
We need to finally expose all the truth
The right to fight this back we all have
Try to read between each and every line
Silence is useless, impose all your views
In this land justice lies on it's deathbed
Fight to keep it alive, there's nothing to regret!
:iconrugterwyper32:Rugterwyper32 2 3
The world's now full of worries
You better think fast
People are manipulated
Just thinking is not enough
We all share that equally
The solution it's not that
Just go saying but not doing
The one who can make a change...
The ones that can turn this around
That is us!
:iconrugterwyper32:Rugterwyper32 1 4
Cobardia o aprecio?
Pasado que se quiere dejar atras...
Aquello que a dañado a muchos...
Todo lo que se ha cometido...
No podria llamarlos errores...
Maldad que he dejado controlarme...
Una gran hipocresia...
Tratando de hacer el bien...
Recibiendo aprecio de muchos...
¿Como puedo merecerlo?
Falle a darle un fin a todo...
El valor para eso hizo falta..
Queriendo evitar ser un problema...
Alguien que solo dañara a otros...
O tal vez no fue falta de valor..
Pero apego hacia varias personas...
Aprecio hacia mi vida y la de otros...
Seguir adelante y cambiar...
Un camino se muestra ante mi...
No se como vaya a ser...
Pero por un mejor futuro...
¡Detenerme es lo que no hare!
:iconrugterwyper32:Rugterwyper32 0 3



Guillermo Alvarez
Current Residence: Somewhere in Guatemala
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Grunge, and many derivates of rock
Favourite style of art: Surrealism
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Whatever is useful
Favourite cartoon character: HAYATE-CHAAAAAAAAAAN~
Well, after almost a year of not posting here, I shall post some rambling that I've come up with in this one moment. Today, during my father's 50th birthday and 20 days from my 20th birthday, during this very long day, a flood of thoughts made it into my mind.
I've come a long way, and I still have ways to go. During the last 3 years, I've come to experience so much more than I ever imagined. All sorts of feelings, inner conflicts, new emotions, all the new people I have met, all the friends I have made, how my bond with my old friends has managed to remain beyond what I thought, how things that I grew up with have come to their end, celebrating the 20th anniversary of that awesome blue hedgehog that I have grown up with and that has been a big part of my life, coming to accept myself as I am, and of course the life-changing experience that was meeting Sare and getting to experience true love for the first time. All that has happened in these three years, and it has really influenced me.
And so, my mind has been flooded in many thoughts. But then... It just hit me. I understood what I needed to. I have gone a long time thinking I don't know myself at all. But it's clear I've known it all along. Was it that I just forgot? No. It's even simpler: I was scare of finding out how weak I have been. What have I done that has really mattered, after all? Have I really done anything in my life that makes me stand out somehow? No. I fucking haven't. Because I have been scared of failing. Of taking a wrong step. When I shouldn't be. My true fear has been coming to understand how much I have constantly failed, how much I've screwed up, how many chances I have missed. And yet, I have come to accept it, because every each of those events has eventually taken me here, where I am now.
Now I have a clearer view of what I should do. Because of those failures it is that I managed to be who I am, and if not for that, I would have never known Sare. Even the most painful moments have something valuable in them. Every moment makes us who we are. And we must face every moment without doubting our choices for even a split second. For each choice we make, we should have no regret. In the end, what's done is done, right? So it's a simple thing: Live life. Trust your feelings, live and learn. That much is something very important my blue hedgehog friend has taught me, although I believe it is until now that I really understand that. Or at least that I have come to interpret it my way.
The rest of this is for someone long departed. Someone I will never talk to again, or perhaps I will. I do not know, but I feel that the one that this is for is with me here, right now, just as she has for years. I now understand what you said without words. I understand why you did what you did. As I've grown up, I've interpreted it in various ways, and I'll most likely interpret it in another in the future. But what matters is the right now, and I thank you.
And thank you, Sare, for always keeping me going and being the main reason why I've changed so much and I've started being more... Myself as time goes by. Thank you for everything, my dear~ I love you~
I will keep on living life. Living and learning. And doing what I really wish to do. Because after all, that's what it's all about.
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  • Reading: Lotsa stuff
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  • Playing: Sonic Advance 3

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